Great Customer Service Essay

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Hospitality is part of the service industry, an industry that brings in more money and creates more jobs than any other. In the hospitality industry and more specifically upper segment hotel restaurants providing hospitality, the enjoyment of high quality food and beverages is viewed as part of a special culture. Customer service is not a department; it is an important function of every employee. Poor customer service causes a negative out-come because one dissatisfied customer usually equals 10 others because they heard about the bad service through word of mouth. This is something that your organization wants to avoid, which is why the people you select to interact with customers are so important. Basically, if you don't give good service you won't be in business long. The best way to ensure that your customers experience the best possible service from everyone in your organization is to create a really strong corporate culture based on providing that experience. Great customer service isn't just the job of the Sales Rep or Help Line staff. It is everyone's job! There are several different ways to ensure your company is providing great customer service. Create a system for measuring customer satisfaction: 1. Capture the voice of the customer, 2. Populate your organization with people who will increase customer satisfaction 3. Reduce complaints, 4. Build customer loyalty, increase sales, and make significant gains in profitability.

My experience involved a waitress at a restaurant in Savannah, GA Longhorn steakhouse. After getting off a 17 hour flight from Korea we were too exhausted to cook anything to eat, so we decided to eat at the Longhorn steakhouse. We arrived pretty late, seem like they were getting ready to close, but we had at least another 30 minutes so we were greeted and escorted to our seats. Now this was our first American restaurant we had eaten at in the last two years. We were very excited to finally get the chance to eat some true American food in the US, it had been a long time coming. As the waitress took our order I notice she had an attitude, so it seem. After our order was complete I asked her to repeat the order back just encase she missed something, we could fix it on the spot. Of course, she had an attitude, so immediately I ask her if something was wrong and her response was, “NO”. As the night went on the waitress attitude started to affect me, so I decided to ask for the manager and my girlfriend asked me to let it go. I said no, because we are spending our hard earned money here and we should be treated better than this. At that point I was mad and I was not hungry anymore, I was too pissed off to eat. While waiting on the manager I overheard a