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The Impact of the Great Depression

“First of all, let me assert my firm beleif that the only we have to fear is fear itself.” This is a quote that Franklin D. Roosevelt said at his first inaugural address.

Many people were impacted by the Great Depression because people did not have jobs. Parents could not pay rent or electric. They did not have food to store in their fridge or their cabnits. Stores were laying off people because they were not making enough income in their stores. Stores were loosing a lot of income because of the price drops. The New plan was promised to the people by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was to make more jobs for the people. The Dust Bowl was a major impact for farmers, small farmers in particular. The dust and the drought ruined the farms because of no water.

Many people were impacted by the Great Depression because the Dust Bowl impacted many farmers, people could not support their families, they did not have jobs to get money, and stores lost income due to the stock market crash.

There was five reasons the Great Depression started and was extended. Them reasons was Buying the Margin becaues was people interested in the Stock Market and prices rose, Buying on Credit, people bought things that they did not have money for, Supply and Demand, it helped lengthen the Depression, the Stock Market Crash, people kept buying parts of the Stock Market and soon people couldnt pay back their debt, and a drought because there was no rain, overgrazing, plowing, and wind erosion.

Many people were impacted majorly by the Great Depression. The Great Depression lasted from about 1929 to about 1939 and was one of the hardest hit time periods that the United States has had. When the Great Depression started, Herbert Hoover was president. After the presidency of Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected. The Great Depression set so many Americans out of work. The Great Depression affected more then the United States, the Great Depression also impacted other countries. People did not have enough money to but food so the Red Cross and the Government handed out food to the needy. There was not that many so people had to travel a lot to get food.

Many people did not have enough money to get the nessessities they needed such as dishes. Companies gave people “depression glasses.” The cup was clear light green with flower designs at the bottom. Many chores were hard especially for women in the 1930s. Ironing clothes was hard for women to do. They used a gasoline powered iron. Other chores the women had to do was seperate seeds from cherries using a cherry pitter and quilt making. Women had to productive and create quilts with any material that they had. President roosevelt became president, he aimed to stablize the economy give jobs to those who needed them the most. Many people went without enough money for many necessities such as food and clothing.

Roosevelt promised the people of the United States a New Deal. The New Deal was a series of programs that was established by Roosevelt. These programs were aimed for helping farmers, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the Works Progress Administration. The New Deal tryed to help restore a little measure of dignity and prosperity to alot of Americans. Roosevelt wanted to create more jobs for the citizens of the US. The New Deal helped people get jobs. It also helped people get food and clothing. The New Deal permenatly changed the goverenments relationship to the United States poplace. Because of the New Deal, the United States started to come out of the depression. More people had jobs and there was more employment throughout the United States. People were able to take care of their families.
Many farmers were hit with dust and a drought by the Dust Bowl. The drought destroyed grass and left farmers with only dirt. Farmers lost all of their crops from the dust and the drought. Farmers with little farms were hit the hardest because that