Great Depression Essay

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I am going to complete this project by first reading the booklet on photography and then answering the questions given. This is to understand the basics of photography and the basic handling tips. I am then going to create a scrapbook of various styles of pictures from the pictures I find from tools such as magazines and the internet. Finally I am going to take pictures myself, trying to meet the criteria of picture types given. For photography, I am going to be marked based on the creativity and neatness of my work. The accomplishment of picture criteria is also going to be a major part of how we are marked. For my final photography project, I need to take 14 types of pictures. To take my long shot, I am going to take a picture of my subject down a hallway. For my low angle shot, I will take a picture of a tree, placing the camera right next to its bark and pointing the lens up. The other shots I will take will be based on the opportunity that rises.
PROJECT REPORT Like I planned, to complete photography, I first answered the questions that were given. Then I made a scrapbook of various picture types that I found on the internet and on magazines. Finally, I took pictures myself according to the types of pictures we were requested to take. From working with photography I learned many things that were all useful, from the purpose of an aperture to what an over exposed shot was, but by far the most important lesson that I learned was to