How Obesity Affects Self-Esteem

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2 paragraphs explaining your view on how obesity affects self-esteem.

Obesity affects children’s self-esteem the most, because people will mock them or look at them very strange. Some people will not like them, because of the way they look and that will make them feel bad. Most adults who perceive themselves to be overweight has a lot of problems in life, especially health wise. Some people thinks that people who are obese is nasty and gluttonous.

Some people that are obese wished at times that they were much smaller in size. It makes them feel unhappy, unpleasant and has a low self esteem, because of what people might think and say I think at times some employer do not like to employ people who obese especially in certain kind of jobs.

The person I am interviewing is Elaine Brown and she is my grandmother on my mother side. Today we are looking at self-esteem and obesity.
Question: In your opinion how does a person becomes obese?
Response: A person become obese when they eat too much and do not exercise. When you are stress and have a bad eating disorder and when you are lack of exercise.
Question: How does society view someone that is obese?
Response: The society views someone that is obese as glutinous, fat and lazy.
Question: What do you think obesity will do to your longevity?
Response: Obesity will make me you get sick and it will cause you not to live long.
Question: How does obesity in your opinion affects your self-esteem?
Response: Obesity will affect your self-esteem by causing you not to like yourself, because you are too fat.
Question: If you were obese how would you deal with it?
Response: You would have to visit your doctor regularly, go on a diet and try and do regular exercise.

Being overweight and obese is not only bad for your body and your health, it affects your mind in a negative way as well. Obesity affects children the most. Various factors that contribute to this such as culture, parent and how overweight people are perceived by others in that society. Some cultures and societies accept a wider range of weight than others, which has a significant impact on