Great Depression and Bullshite Inflation Essay

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Inflation is a large part of the American Economy, and is often a topic to be discusses, such as observing the rising prices of gas or milk. Inflation is the effect of mre money being released into the economy, and the natural price of objects rising. This is important because predicting what the inlfation will be can help a student see how much they will need to save for college or a parent decide how much to start saving for that new car in a couple years. What is shocking is how fast inflation is occurring: the same item that cost $20.00 in 1915 would cost $454.64 today. Finding patterns or an equation to predict inflation could be very useful to many people. In this exploration, the inflation of an American dollar from 1915 all the way to 2013 is observed. Starting with what would be a $20.00 purchase in 1915, the change in the cost of living was found for every five years in between these 98.
Year Inflation of $20.00 since 1915 (dollars)
1915 20.00
1920 39.60
1925 34.65
1930 33.07
1935 27.13
1940 27.72
1945 35.64
1950 47.72
1955 53.07
1960 58.61
1965 62.38
1970 76.83
1975 106.53
1980 163.17
1985 213.07
1990 258.81
1995 301.78
2000 340.78
2005 386.73
2010 431.79
2013 454.64
There are several different ways to process this data, one such way would be to form visual representation with a graph in order to analyze certain trends or patterns, and find the equation for the line of best fit that would fit the collected data points the best. As seen in the graph, there was actually deflation during the 1930's. This is because of the Great Depression, where money was short and therefor everything cost less. That aside, the data points seem to follow