Great Depression and Civilian Conservation Corps Essay

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Kyle Marion
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July 6, 2015
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In Florida there was some effects of the new deal taking place, around 1930’s. Roosevelt new deal plan took place in all of America trying to recover our nation from the Great depression. The Civilian Conservation Corps also known as the CCC, was one of the programs that was needed in the state of Florida at this time. One of the reasons we needed the CCC in
Florida was to get people back on their feet and gain new ideas of how to get people jobs. Lots of the people in Florida had lost their jobs and their home during this time. SO they needed a job to get food and shelter for their families. The CCC employed young men on public work projects and tasks.
In Florida the Civilian Conservation Corps did many things to help the state and serve to do its job. Millions of men were going back to work, and lots of men were living in work camps.
Approximately 350,000 or more Floridians were in the Civilian Conservation Corps, Because of their new jobs, they worked and received food and clothing then their paychecks were sent to their families. Some of their work consisted of cutting trees, preserving the forests and sometimes building communities. The CCC planted and grew up to 10 million trees in Florida and helped build many parks.
When the Civilian Conservation Corps first came to Florida they made sudden improvements in the state. First and the most important thing is that they gave men many jobs and a place to live in work camps. They also gave the men’s families their paychecks so that they

could still survive while the men are at work. The CCC helped Florida build many