Great Depression Dbq

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The Great Depression The Great Depression was one of the hardest times for Americans and the American economy. The cause to this Depression was various reasons. One of the main and more well-known reasons is the Stock Crash of 1929. According to the Stock Crash of 1929 was when the spender’s purchasing went down so unsold items went up. At the same time this was happening the stocks were going up and, “had reached levels that could not be justified by anticipated future earnings.” When finally the stock market burst investors began getting rid of shares by the time Black Thursday came along 12.9 million shares were being traded. Then 5 days later on Black Tuesday 16 million shares were being traded. Many of the shares coming out to being worthless sent Wall Street into panic. Because of this businesses were forced to slow down production and fire employees. For the ones that were not laid off their wages were cut greatly. This cause many families homes to go into foreclosure and families to become homeless. This long and hard depression unfortunately lasted from 1929 until 1939. …show more content…
Especially families and people looking for jobs. The effect on the country was many people were in poverty and forced to foreclose their homes, starve, and struggle everyday to have a better life. Families were very affected by this when they were forced out of their houses and were struggled everyday to find a meal and keep the whole family taken care of. If their parents had lost their job because of the Depression it was hard for the family to stay alive and healthy. The unemployment rate went down significantly. Many were laid off because of the Stock Crash and not as many workers were needed. If they were not laid off their pay would have gone down significantly because of the money to keep people paid in this