Great Expectations Essay

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Great Expectations In the novel, “Great Expectations,” by Charles Dickens, there is a character named Mr. Jaggers. He is a very powerful lawyer, and does what he likes no matter where he is. We first encounter Mr. Jaggers at Miss Havisham's, but we don’t get much from that scene. At the Three Jolly Bargemen, Pip once again meets Mr. Jaggers. As Mr. Jaggers tells Pip of his inheritance of the great fortune, we learn that Mr. Jaggers thinks money is everything. “It was understood you want nothing for yourself, remember?” ... “‘But what,’ said Mr. Jaggers, swinging his purse, ‘what if it was in my instructions to make you a present, as compensation?’” (Page 174) This passage is from the conversation between Jaggers and Joe. After Jaggers informs Joe and Pip of his inheritance, Jaggers offers a monetary compensation. Joe declines twice, retorting that no ‘compensation’ could make up for the loss of Pip. Jaggers’ particular liking to money is no surprise, seeing that he is a lawyer afterall. When Pip first arrives at London, Jaggers is in court, winning over another trial. Pip enters his room, and it doesn’t leave a good impression of London. The office has gifts from Jaggers’ clients, and two of these are casts of faces. Pip adds that Jaggers’ office is very dreary, and it just adds to Pip’s early disliking of London. In chapter 24, Pip decides that he needs to buy some new furniture. He goes to Jaggers, asking for money for this purchase. Jaggers mocks Pip,