Great Expectations Essay

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Weslee Warren
Mrs. Ulrey
English/ 1st

My Expectations for Second Semester I have a lot of great expectations (see what I did there) for my second semester of this school year. One of my expectations is that I will have a semester of great productivity and being able to apply myself in all of subjects. In other words, I am going to strive being able to keep my 4.0 GPA for the remainder of this semester so that I can remain a strong contender for the class ranking. Another anticipation I have is that I will be able to continue to work hard in wrestling and track. I want to be able to overcome any challenges I have in each of them and hopefully become a state qualifier in track again. I also hope I can become a state qualifier in wrestling as well. An additional expectation I have is that I will be able to meet a lot of new people and make new friends. God always seems to put different people in my life when I need them the most so I’m hoping my time is now to meet more people and build strong relationships with each and every one of them. One more expectation I have is that I will be able to discover more about myself. During the first semester, I discovered a load of information about myself, like, I can be really aggressive in wrestling when I want to be or I am capable of becoming better at something when I want to be. These are some examples of what I learned and I hope I will be able to learn more. My final and most important expectation is that I will