Great Expectations and Identity Miss Havisham Essay example

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-Pip wastes no time after receiving the letter from Miss Havisham in chapter 48 and heads over to her house the next day.
-stops at the Halfway House to eat breakfast before getting there
-when he gets there he notes that Miss Havisham is lonely, and even a bit afraid of him

-Miss Havisham's purpose was to ask Pip about the money that he had asked for during his last visit in chapter 45
-She says she wants to do this to show Pip that she has a heart because she thinks Pip hates her.
-So Pip asks for $900 and Miss Havisham accepts and even asks if Pip wants any money, but Pip says no

-Miss Havisham takes this as a sign that Pip hates her again and begs him for his forgiveness
-Pip says he already forgives her because he wants forgiveness just as much as she does, but this only makes her fall to her knees and beg even more.
-She keeps saying the words "What have I done?" and she tells Pip that she didn't realize how much pain she was causing him.

-Pip asks Miss Havisham how Estella was brought to her, and she tells him the story
-When Estella was 2 or 3, Miss Havisham asked Mr. Jaggers for a daughter and he brought Estella to her.
-When Estella was first brought to her, she only wanted to save her from misery, but as she grew older, Miss Havisham said all she did was put ice in her heart's place, giving Estella a cold personality.
-So Pip's gotten everything he had come for, but before he leaves, he decides to take a walk around the paths that he and Estella had walked as kids
-Pip thinks of all the memories he's had there like his arguments with Estella and his fight with Herbert.
-He walks through the brewery and he sees Miss Havisham hanging to the beam again

-So just to make sure Miss Havisham's alright, he goes back and checks on her, only to find that her dress has caught on fire, which he immediately saves her from by aggressively holding her down with his coat and the table cloth, not letting her move
-And as he pulls down the table cloth, the rotten wedding cake that he had described in chapter 11 gets destroyed and bugs went everywhere

-Pip holds her down until assistance comes, when he realizes that both of them have burns
-But the surgeon says that the burns will heal easily. Miss Havisham's nervous shock however, will not.
-Now she keeps repeating the phrases "What have I done", "When she first came, I meant to save her from misery like mine", and "Take the pencil and write under my name, 'I forgive her!'

-Pip stays the night and leaves the next morning after kissing Miss Havisham on the lips.

-So obviously this chapter focuses on two people: Pip and Miss Havisham, and both of them have changed a lot
-Pip becomes more sympathetic and self-responsible

-First you can tell that Pip has changed by the fact that he's giving up Miss Havisham's money and taking responsibility of it, just like he did with Magwitch's money
-Earlier in the book Pip wanted to take advantage of his fortune to benefit