Great Expectations Essay

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Derick Sackos
Great Expectations: Chapter 1 Questions 1. The novel is written in what point of view? – The novel is in 1st person. 2. Where does the opening scene take place? – It takes place in a churchyard. 3. What is Pip's full name? – Pip’s full name is Philip Pirrip. 4. Where are Pip's parents? – They are dead and buried in the churchyard. 5. With whom does Pip live? – Pip lives with his sister and her husband. 6. What does Joe Gargery do for a living? - Joe is a blacksmith. 7. How is the first convict dressed? What is his appearance? - He was dirty and fearful looking and 7. dressed in all grey. 8. What does the first convict ask Pip to bring him? – He asked
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What does the mysterious stranger at the Three Jolly Bargemen stir his drink with? - He stirs it 1. with a file. 2. What does the stranger give to Pip?- He gives Pip two pounds. 3. How does Estella treat Pip in these two chapters? – She is very unkind and insulting. 4. What is the Three Jolly Bargemen? – It is a pub. 5. Who are the people waiting with Pip in the large room at Miss Havisham's? – They are relatives 5. of Miss Havisham 6. On what occasion are these people visiting Miss Havisham?- It is Miss Havisham’s birthday. 7. Describe what Pip sees on the bridal table. – He saw a bridal cake (though he didn’t know at 7. first) covered with cobwebs. 8. Where does Miss Havisham want to be laid when she is dead?- She wants to be laid on the 8. bridal table. 9. What does Miss Havisham ask Pip to do on this visit?- She asks him to play cards again with 9. Estella. 10. What do Pip and the pale young gentleman do?- They fight.

Great Expectations: Chapters 12 and 13 Questions 1. What does Pip worry about before he returns to Miss Havisham's?- He worries about being 1. punished for