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Daisy’s Fatal Choice
I try to light a cigarette and realize that I can't because my hand is shaking. This is really happening. Jay and I are finally going to tell the whole story to Tom. I am relieved to finally tell Tom the truth, but I'm also scared. How will Tom take it?
Gatsby begins to stand up. I am very nervous about what will happen next. I try to stop him from telling Tom the inevitable truth about Gatsby and me. I suggest that we all go home but no one listens. Gatsby has been waiting for this moment between him and Tom for five years. He cannot wait to tell Tom about us. As soon as the words “Your wife doesn’t love you” leave Gatsby’s mouth, my stomach turns into a knot. I am stuck helplessly between these two men, who are fighting over me before my very eyes. Jordan and I try to leave the room, but Tom and Gatsby force us to stay. Then Tom interrogates me about me and Gatsby’s relationship over the past five years. I admit that I have been involved with Gatsby and, of course, Tom does not take it well. He immediately explodes and is in shock. He does not believe what he is hearing and calls Jay crazy. I feel so anxious being in the middle of this predicament and I don’t know whose side to take. Gatsby then forces me to say that I’ve never loved Tom. I say that I never have reluctantly but cannot hold it in any longer. I did love Tom, but I also loved Gatsby. Even though I was flustered at the time, Gatsby continued to speak for me about leaving Gatsby. Even