Great Gatsby Essay

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This passage in “The Great Gatsby” reveals Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship as being based more on materialism than true love, this is reflected in the novel as the corruption on the “American Dream”, the shallowness of the upper class in American 1920’s and perceptions, expectations and judgments in society. This passage reveals that Daisy and Gatsby’s love is based on materialism and wealth. Daisy and Gatsby’s romance is rekindled after half and hour of them being alone in the same room. Fitzgerald uses the weather to represent emotion in the novel, when Daisy had arrived to Nick’s house it was pouring rain and the relationship between Daisy and Gatsby was very awkward, but after Nick gives them time alone he comes back to find that Daisy and Gatsby have made a connection and Nick comments on the weather, ‘“It has stopped raining” (nick) “Has it… what do you think of that? It has stopped raining” (Gatsby) (page 78). Gatsby is extremely eager to have Daisy and Nick to tour his house, merely to show Daisy how much wealth he has obtained since he last saw her. To this, Daisy is amazed, “That huge place there?” she cried pointing” (page 79). This related to the shallowness of the upper class that with what you own comes some sort of social prestige in your society, that material items are important in showing a character and an image. Gatsby feels that with wealth Daisy will fall for him again because she always was going to marry a rich man, which Gatsby now is. Gatsby is always desperately trying to fit into this society of upper class 1920’s America, although he was educated in England and was poor before he went into the army. Gatsby accidentally mentions that it took him three years to obtain his wealth by doing several types of business’- most likely some being criminal. Gatsby wants to show Daisy everything he owns from the “toilet eat of our dull gold” (page 80) to his “shirts of sheer linen and thick silk and fine flannel, which lost their folds as they fell and covered the table in many- coloured disarray.” (page 80). Daisy’s overreaction to the quality and beauty of the shirts is a representation of just how much money means to her, she values material items very highly and for nothing but her own pleasure. She now realises that Gatsby has extreme wealth and she has fallen in love with him based on the love they shared in the past and the luxurious lifestyle Gatsby now leads. This relationship relates to the corruption and decay of the “American Dream” in 1920’s society, which Fitzgerald is making a social comment on. Everyone puts too much value on items and is becoming very materialistic in their ways- which Fitzgerald is obviously un- approving of.