Great Gatsby Chapter Questions: Ch. 8-9 Essay

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Thesis: America bears substantial responsibility to the destruction of the Jews in Europe during WWII due to the actions of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the State Department, and the civilians of America.

- If acted earlier and more boldly, more lives could have been saved.
- It was all about winning the war for FDR.
- Could have bombed the rail lines, preventing more Jews from being led into the gas chambers.
- FDR could have let jewish immigrants in, saving at least 190,000 lives.
- “He could have pressed the British to open Palestine’s doors to Jewish refugees. He could have authorized the use of empty troop-supply ships to bring refugees to stay in the U.S. temporarily, until the end of the war. He could have permitted refugees to stay as tourists in a U.S. territory, such as the Virgin Islands, until it was safe for them to return to Europe. He could have authorized the bombing of Auschwitz or the railway lines leading to it, which would have interrupted the mass-murder process.”
- FDR knew about what was happening in Europe but didn't say anything
- Believed that the war had to be won first, then the Jews had to be taken care of - Gerhart Reigner telegram sent to the U.S. department informing how the Nazi's wanted to execute millions of Jews and wanted this info to be passed to Rabbi Wise, by the State Department refused to do so and so Rabbi Wise never got to contact Reigner.
- Rabbi Wise confronted the State Department after being informed from an independent source in London but State Department told him to keep quiet until it was verified that millions were dying.
- After 3 months (in 1942), Rabbi Wise was released and given the freedom to announce that 2 million Jews had been killed.
-State Department ordered that all information about the Holocaust was to be blocked from entering the United