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In 1929, Nick Carraway was residing in a psychiatric clinic for rehabilitation to treat an assortment of disorders, such as alcoholism and depression. He began to talk of Gatsby, describing him as the ‘the most hopeful man he had ever met.’ When Nick struggled to articulate his thoughts, his doctor suggested writing it down on paper. We are taken back to 1922, when Nick moved to Long Island in New York to take a job as a bond salesman, after abandoning his true passion, writing. He lived in a small cottage in West Egg, next door to a lavish mansion belonging to Jay Gatsby, a mysterious business man who often held extravagant parties. One day, Nick went across the bay to visit his cousin Daisy in East Egg. There, he had dinner with Daisy, Daisy’s husband and Yale college friend Tom Buchanan, and Jordan Baker, a professional golfer. The next day, Tom takes Nick to the “valley of ashes,” New York’s dumping ground. Tom met up with his mistress Myrtle, and threw a bizarre party in their secret apartment. Myrtle mentions Daisy’s name and Tom violently smacked her. As the summer progressed, Nick received a special invitation to attend one of Gatsby’s lavish parties. Nick encountered Jordan, and came across many theories as to who Gatsby really is: Kasier’s assasin, a spy, and even a prince. But to Nick’s surprise, he was very young and had a a “rare smile you only come across 4 or 5 times in your life, that seemed to understand you and believe in you, just as you would like to be understood and believed in.” (quote not needed, just typed it out in case i wanna use it later) Gatsby took a liking to Nick, and after visiting with one another a few times, Gatsby asked Nick to invite Daisy over for tea. After an awkward reunion between Daisy and Gatsby, they begin an affair. Gatsby asked for Nick and Jordan to accompany him and Daisy, where they planned to tell Tom that Daisy is leaving him. Daisy stops Gatsby from revealing anything about their relationship, and suggests they all go into town, to the Plaza. Gatsby drove Tom’s car, accompanied by Daisy, whereas Tom, Nick and Jordan rode in Gatsby’s. At the Plaza, Gatsby tells Tom Daisy never loved him, and of their future plans. Daisy confesses she loved both. As Tom tells Gatsby that he is different from them to his dubious background, Gatsby lashes out at Tom, frightening Daisy. She leaves with Gatsby,