Great Gatsby Satire Essay

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Maggie Kramer
Mrs. Sazama
Honors English 11
January 9, 2013
A Dream that Doesn’t Die Rand Paul once said “My great-grandfather, like many, came to this country in search of the American Dream.” The American dream is what pulled so many immigrants towards the United States, and also united those already living there. The American dream gave many hope and something glorious, yet achievable to strive for. The American dream has laid a foundation for many Americans for year; however, many now say that the American dream is dying out and unreachable.
Opinions on the American dream vary for every person; I believe that the American dream is still alive and very active in everyone’s lives. Although, I do believe the American dream is less strict and has become customized for every individual. My version of the American dream is very traditional but not as materialistic. My American dream includes a great relationship with family and friends, a good career, a solid education. I would like to add in just being happy, and following all of my dreams. No one can predict the future, therefore no one can really promise today’s youth the American dream. Youth cannot just be promised and given the American dream, they must have the drive and passion to succeed. No one can achieve any dream, let alone the ultimate dream, without putting in hard work and planning. Youth today hear the heroic “rags to riches” stories, but do not take into consideration how much difficult it is to rise from endless setbacks. Although, adults today do not wish for the youth to have to go through the same tragic events they did, so they do all they can to help out their children. However, most adults handicap their children by not challenging them. Which is just as tragic, because achieving the American dream without having