Great Gatsvy Essay

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Page 154 “I felt that I had something to tell him, something to warn him about and morning would be too late.”
This is foreshadowing; Nick knew that he should be forthcoming with some of his fears. In the end, he was correct the next morning was too late.

“Once I tumbled with a sort of splash upon the keys of a ghostly piano. There was an inexplicable amount of dust everywhere and the rooms were musty as though they hadn’t been aired for many day. I found the humidor on an unfamiliar table with two stale dry cigarettes inside.”
Word choices of “ghostly, dust, musty, and stale” create a feeling of an old, abandoned house. This shows that Gatsby’s faith in his dream was deteriorating.


“grey turning, gold turning light”- color imagery
“dying orchards, shadows, ghostly, gloomily” - These words are negative words, which creates a sense of foreboding
“miserable but irresistible journey, a melancholy beauty” when describing Daisy. Maybe Fitzgerald is trying to show the reader that Gatsby’s obsession with Daisy will be ill fated
“corruption, incorruptible” when Nick thinks about Gatsby and his dreams. Maybe the author is trying to show that Gatsby’s dreams are being corrupted and losing value.
The word “curious” is repeated multiple times- often negatively “curious crowd, something curious took her.”


End 166-170
“ You’re morbid, George, said his friend. “This has been a strain to you and you don’t know what you’re saying. You’d better try…