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Great Place to Work Team D RES/351 Business Research 2013 Dr. Gwenn Grndal, Ph.D. Problem Statement How do we know if we work in a great place How does an employer know if the company has happy productive employees or non-productive employees that complain all the time One way to find out is to create a survey that employees can take and management can review but additionally the survey would also be distributed to other similar organizations within a specific area or city so management can see how they compare with other organizations. Purpose Statement Management has decided that happy people build a happy product. The purpose of the survey is for management to assess current employee morale and conclude what improvements can be made. There are fiscal concerns, such as compensation, paid time off, and benefits packages. There are environmental concerns such as overall attitude towards management and co-worker to co-worker relationships, and the lack of negative interactions. Measurement of morale is not easily done, but with an internal review from each employee conducted anonymously, management can begin to gauge what is working and what is not. Many factors build the concept of what is a great place to work. Defining what needs to be researched, and developing the questions is not easy. Sometimes an employee can be disgruntled but due to external factors (related to outside the work place) that can affect his or her performance in a negative way. The researchers performing the survey need to have a variable in place. Anonymous submissions of the survey will help protect the employee but care must be taken to ensure questions are phrased in a non-offensive way. Research Questions Does management reward its employees for good work Are there one on one meetings with your direct Supervisor/Manager Hypotheses Statement Employees working in a Great Place are more efficient that employees working in a traditional company. Deploying a Great Place to Work survey to various production based companies in Oceanside, California will show which product based companies have efficient and productive employees. The Great Place to work survey will also show what makes a great place to work. Data gathered from the survey will show what employees want or consider what a great place to work is all about. Data will show how important financial rewards are compared to a strong cultural component to working at a company. The Great Place to work survey, when deployed on an annual basis to the same companies will show increased or even decreased scores due to management awareness and involvementor in some cases lack of awareness and involvement. Variables to Consider When defining what constitutes a Great Place to Work a place where employees are generally happy and motivated to work, there are many variables that need to be considered. There are needs that people in general have and management should consider the mental aspects, which include emotional, spiritual and the physical needs of their employees. An even bigger variable to making happy employees is the amount of money they earn. The salary range between someone just starting to a Supervisory position in a company that starts employees at fifteen dollars an hour is different from a company that hires and starts employees at minimum wage. If this is a big corporation, do employees have options that include shares within the company Do employees have profit sharing Is the work environment safe and does the company have safety requirements Are there minimal workplace accidents A sign of a poor company where employees are discouraged to work and are not motivated to produce results is based around the employee and management relationships. Are employees motivated to come to work and respect management If the relationship between employees and management is poor, then another variable would be the amount of communication between the two such as routine one on one or