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Jaws is a 1975 Horror/thriller film directed by Steven Spielberg. The story is about a Great white shark, terrorising the small Coastal town of Amity. At first the death of its first victim is perceived as an accident by the local public. The only one to have suspicions is the new local police chief, Chief Brody. Most people ignore his assessment of the situation as he is new and they think he is paranoid. Even after the second attack they majority of the local people still believe it to be a sequence of freak accidents. After a third however the local people start coming to terms with the threat of a shark terrorising their coast. A search and destroy team is sent out, the team consists of Chief Brody, Hooper (a marine biologist), and a crazed fisherman called Quint.
In the film Binary opposites play a major part. Binary opposites are things such as Light and dark. Two conflicting things such as Good and evil. Jaws has many of these underlying themes. Throughout the film the Water is seen as being dangerous and the land as being the ‘safe’ place to be. This is shown in the first sequence of the movie as, a group of teenagers are having a beach party when 2 of the party goers leave to go for a swim in the sea. As they are running the boy falls over and becomes unconscious. The girl enters the water when an unseen force from underneath keeps pulling her down, she then disappears. Another use of binary code is good against evil. The ‘good’ guys being Chief Brody, Hooper and Quint. While the ‘bad’ guys are The shark and the mayor (Who will stop at nothing to protect the towns income in the summer months, even if this may lead to people being hurt and killed)

Most stories follow a simple struction a beginning a middle and an end. Jaws uses this same…