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I read most of the book Great Work: How to Make a Difference People Love, the reason why I didn’t finish the book completely was because of lack of time. My sister and I are taking the same class so we share the book to avoid spending more money on another book. She first started reading the book, and took her a lot of time. When it was my turn to read the book, I didn’t have much time. I tried to read the most of it in order to do the assignments. I really just missed a couple of pages but I can say I really got most of the book. I know this isn’t a good reason but is the truth. Despite that, I really liked the book. It was very engaging and entertaining and I would totally recommended it to someone.
Even though, I didn’t finish the book completely I think I did a really good job with both of my papers. Being English my second language I have hard time writing. I went to the writing center to ask for a second opinion and also to revise my papers. I was shocked when they said my writing was very good and that they were impressed. Now I can say I know how to write a rhetorical essay. When you read a book, you don’t think how the author engages you in the writing whether what they say on their book. The examples we did on class help me identify the ethos, pathos, and logos in the book. I would say that it can be more helpful other kind of activities or assignments that help the students improved their writing and vocabulary that only writing papers.
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