Great expectations ch 1-7 Essay

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nettles - prickly plants aforesaid - previously mentioned briars - thorny plants wittles - [dialect] food weather-cock - a weather vane gibbet - a device used to hang people, gallows

l. How does Pip get his name? Where is he at the beginning of the story? Pip gets his name because his father’s name is Pirrip and his real name is Philip and when he was little he couldn’t say the name so he called himself Pip. At the beginning of the story he is at a marsh country down by the river.

2. Briefly describe the convict. What evidence is there that the convict has "human" qualities and is not merely a criminal? The convict is a fearful man all in coarse gray, with a great iron on his leg, no hat, with
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What is the hook at the end of this chapter?
The hook at the end is Pip’s sister is going to get the pie which pip had already gave away and outside you can hear the footsteps of soldiers and this leaves you at a shock to see what is going to happen with pip.

shaver - a young boy stocks - gun barrels
1. What does Pip's convict mean when he says the following to the soldiers after he is caught?
"Mind!" said my convict, wiping blood from his face with his ragged sleeves, and shaking torn hair from his fingers; "I took him! I give him up to you! Mind that!"

2. What is ironic about the capture of the two convicts?
They were found together and when they got caught each of them tried to blame the other saying he was trying to kill me.

3. What evidence is there in this chapter that Joe is a compassionate man? he said he shouldn’t have “stole” the pie and stuff because even if he asked they would not have let him starve to death they would have given him some food.

4. What is the odd mannerism young Pip notices about the convict? Why do you think the convict goes out of his way to clear Pip of any blame for the missing food?
Pip notices he apologized and didn’t seem to really care that much and no one cared that he was back on the boat. I think the convict went out of his was to clear Pip from blame because he is already a convict so there isn’t anything worse