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Greater of the Two Evils While reading the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet, one can quickly pick up on the immature vibes from the two star-crossed “lovers” but one also learns that’s the fates of two are somehow pushed along by the help of Friar Lawrence’s act of deception. The Friar, with holy genuine intentions, in a way is the cause of the unfortunate events that lead up to the deaths of every dying character, including Romeo and Juliet. By using manipulative tactics, the Friar is able to provide refuge for Romeo and deceive Juliet’s parents. As much as one can hope for the escape plan to work, it just falls apart. When commotion stirs at the Capulet mausoleum and the watch arrives, Friar Lawrence confesses, “I am the greatest, able to do least, Yet most suspected, as the time and place...” (V, 3). It’s ironic because Friar’s attempt at ending the feud between the two families does work but not in the way he thought it would, instead things take a turn for the absolute worse. The deception was ultimately a good thing even though it did some harm. Another example of deception’s good force can be found in the Odyssey. Odysseus finds himself and his men trapped in a Cyclopes’ cave by no fault but his own. He uses clever mind tricks to deceive the one-eyed monster and save his and his surviving men’s lives. He might’ve also done harm but it was for a worthy goal. It’s the greater of two evils. Even children’s movies spotlight a form of deception that in the long run restore the good behind the unpleasant deed. "Be prepared for the murkiest scam,