Greatest Choice Made Essay

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The Greatest Choice Made

Choosing to live life the way you want is the greatest freedom you will ever have. Having the power to choose what you allow in your life allows yourself to have the confidence that you are picking the right path. Making the choice to embrace Gods will into our lives effects the way we live, our social life and the acquaintances we have and also having a good support system.

Lining our lives up to where we want it to go and how we live it is based on the choice to put God first. Daily choosing to live a Godly life and to go by his teachings allows us to grow as an individual, and allows us to keep on the right path. While putting the things of God first allows us to feel a less need to be a part of the distractions that this world has such as; video games, watching TV and all the fuss that comes to try to be someone that the world wants. Pleasing God has brought a peace to our lives, and being able to express it allows us to be filled with joy. Putting God first place helps us to choose individuals to be a part of our lives that will have a positive influence.

Having a healthy social life is important, but being careful in how much we feed it and how much we are letting it run our lives. Having friends that also have God first place in their lives allows us to be more faithful in serving him. It allows us to put into perspective of what is right for our lives. There comes a point in our lives where we have to let friends go that have a negative impact and could be steering us off course. Making this choice to let them go allowed us to realize that those relationships were effecting our relationship with God. Having the experiences with friends and having to let them go, is an eye opener in how easy it is to get caught up in what is around us and how it can affect the way we serve God. Having good support is a way to help keep us on the right path.

Getting help is not always about going to talk to someone about feelings or problems, but to have the support of others that have gone through the same struggles. Being able to see where they have come from, and where they are now is what allows us to become stronger. Seeing individuals keep true to God is a wonderful motivation for us to stay true to the commitment that we have made. Going to fellowship meetings on Wednesdays and Sundays is away to express and learn from the experiences that others have gone through during the week, but it also allows us to share how God has helped us. Having family and friends that too are putting God first gives us the strength to keep on going. In giving God our best each day, God in return gives us the strength to stay strong to do his will and keep true.

Every crossroad of decision that we come to in life causes us to make a choice that can influence our lives to change in a big way. Coming to the decision to serve God and to do his will has changed my life forever and for the better. Having friends and family to help us through the choices we have made and having a healthy perspective on what is right in our lives gives us great encouragement. Knowing that our lives are different allows us to stay true and faithful to the opportunity we have to serve and honor God.
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Choosing to live life the way you want is the greatest freedom you will ever have.

I. Making the choice to embrace