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Juliana Lopez
Whims/English 50
My Greatest Creation Is You!

ON OCCASIONAL EVENTS EVERYONE IS MOVED BY ONE BEYOND THEIR UNDERSTANDING EVENT THAT CHANGES THEIR LIFE EITHER FOR THE WORST OR FOR THE BEST. THANKFULLY IN MY LIFE IT WAS FOR THE BEST OF IT.WHAT I TOOK AS MY GREATEST CREATION. On The Night Of October 11th, 2014, In Victorville Ca. In The Living Room Bathroom At My In-Laws House I Finally Decide To Take A Pregnancy Test After Having Missed 3 Days Since My Last Menstrual Cycle. As I Took The Stick In My Hands Thoughts Running Through My Head Like I Have No Stable Home, Not A Good Relationship With My Parents At The Moment, And The Worst Of All My Corrections Academy Course Began The Following Month, These Were All The Thoughts Running Through My Head As I Turned Slowly To Look At The Stick Yapp Just What You’d Expect Two Dark Lines That Changed My Life Around. I remember my husband knocking at the bathroom door “Babe, what’s wrong are you okay?” Me crying hysterically sitting their looking at the stick answer back holding back the teary voice “Yes I’ll be out in a minute.” Him not knowing if I was okay or not grabs a knife and opens the door, he sees me sitting there looking at the stick crying he said what happen, I showed him and he got the biggest smile on his face he tells me “So it’s positive? I’m going to be a dad? Wait but why are you crying you’re not happy?” Looking at his smile made me tear even more I started crying and telling him what I felt all at once “I don’t talk to my parents, The academy, The Academy, The academy” He stopped hugged me and told me “It will be okay God only gives the worst battles to his toughest soldiers, and I’m right here “as soon as he said that I knew it would all be okay. Sure enough time went by I turned 4 months belly started noticing I started talking to my parents months started passing by we found a stabled home, I’m going into the Corrections academy this upcoming month in August, and the little two lines that made me cry and changed my life began to make me understand