Greatness In The Movie The Sandlot

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Greatness in Life Greatness is not always making the game winning shot in a basketball game or kicking the game winning field goal in the championship game in can also be in daily life. If you have a goal to achieve everyday and you achieve it you are one step closer to greatness. Greatness in life is sometimes not in the newspapers, it can just be simple things.You need to work hard at greatness and own it. Accept mistakes, accept failure, and always accept victory and greatness. Don’t let people put you down and certainly don't doubt yourself. Greatness is not always the best thing. Quitting is even greatness. If you hate your job and want to quit that can lead to greatness.
In the movie The Sandlot there is one scene that really is the definition of greatness and really explains greatness. The scene starts off with one of the characters in the movie having a dream and Babe Ruth appears and says, “Remember kid, Heroes get remembered but, legends never die.” (The Babe aka Babe Ruth, The Sandlot) This quote means so much because heroes are the ones you read in the papers the ones you see on tv and they get remembered but, legends on the other hand, never die. Meaning that if you do something just to get remembered you are not great but if
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Now greatness is not always just choosing to do something and working hard at it. Mark zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook played with computer codes when he was a child and some people would call him a prodigy. He later ended up creating Facebook which is a multibillion dollar company. Bobby Fischer is a world renowned chess player and is great at it because he played since age 7 with his dad. Both people were both basically “born” with the greatness they had. In some cases it would seem it was given to them but they both still worked hard for years to become great at what they both love. They are both now world renowned people who both are very