Greatness: Political Spectrum and Roundtable Reflection Essay

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Kyle Hackett
Ms. Dancz
US History A Period 8

Roundtable Reflection

I think that Taylor did a very good job during the roundtable, because of the facts she used to support her characters viewpoint. She found quotes that were in her favor. And she also used them in the right situations, she didn’t just blurt out a random quote. The quote had something to do with what the previous person said.

I feel that my performance in the roundtable was all right; I tried to contribute as much as possible. My research could have been better and I should of used quotes from people with the same viewpoint. What worked was that I was contributing a lot to the roundtable and helping the conversation continue. But I did sort of drift into different viewpoints when the conversation speed up. What didn’t work was when Noel brought up some facts about our government budget. I didn’t have a solid rebuttal for his response. With better research I could have proven my point a lot better.

I felt that our group performance was mediocre. I feel that I could have helped more with the profile, but I think I lead the roundtable. Katherine and Alyssa did a lot of solid research and found a lot of websites that helped me get a better understanding of a liberal’s viewpoint. What worked is that we had a very solid profile that resembled a quite stereotypical liberal. What didn’t work is that our group could’ve got involved with the roundtable without you asking them personally what