Greece Thematic Essay

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Greece: Thematic Essay Alexander the great was a great conqueror, who was able to conquer many territories and it turn gather all of its riches. He was able to conquer territory from Greece all the way to the border of India forming the Hellenistic civilization. Alexander was one of the most feared/greatest conquerors of all time and was able to spread Greek culture through all the territories he conquered and in turn he accepted some of the culture of the civilizations he conquered. Alexander the Great conquered a great deal of territory and because of this was able to create cultural diffusion between the civilizations he conquered and his own civilization of Greece. Alexander the great’s father Philip the II was the king of Macedon and was able to conquer all of the Greek city-states. Even though all of Greece was under his family’s control Alexander wanted to expand. He was able to conquer all the land up to the border of India which included Persia and Egypt. In the lands he conquered he spread Greek customs. For example a statue of Buddha was found wearing a Greek styled dress/toga. Also in the lands he conquered he encouraged Greek people and his soldiers to accept the newly conquered people. He did this by setting an example, he married a Persian woman and encouraged his men to do the same. He amassed great wealth from these regions and set up cities named after him all over his land. The people who he conquered also believed that he was great. For example through roads such as the Silk Road word had gotten out that he was a great conqueror and was looking to expand, so when he went into India they were expecting him. There were soldiers on top of elephants, on the Hindu Kush but because Alexander’s soldiers were too tired they turned back. Also the Egyptians believed that he was so great that they made him pharaoh. So Alexander the Great had many successful conquests and was able to gain great wealth and ideas from other cultures he conquered, and in return was able to spread Greek culture, becoming one of the greatest conquerors of all time. Alexander conquered territory all the way from Greece to India becoming one of the greatest and most feared conquerors of all time. He brought about the Hellenistic civilization by conquering land from Greece to the border of India. This civilization had many cultural achievements. The cultural center of this civilization was Alexandria, Egypt where there was a great library with the accumulated knowledge of the world’s