Greece vs Persia Essay

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Comparative Essay Ancient Greece and Persia had many differences and some similarities. In the political and economic aspect, there are more differences than similarities, such as their economy, type of government, etc. The 3 main topics include Persia, Greece, and their similarities and differences. First and foremost, Persia had a very unique, modern way of ruling. Their administration was influenced by a Mesopotamian kingdom of Lydia that Cyrus conquered. They adopted the idea of standardized coins so that they had a universal currency. They also had 23 satrapies, which are provenances that are ruled by satraps. These satrapies were to help the king control his vast empire. They had an absolute monarchy and a very agricultural economy. The Persians also built the Persian Royal Road which stretches across the entire empire, making travel much faster and efficient. They traded mostly over land so this helped a lot with trade. They also had formal taxes so that taxation is more fair according to your specific social standing. Secondly, Greece had a very different way of doing things. This was mostly because Greece was politically divided because the mountainous terrain prohibited easy travel to other cities. Two major powers in Greece were Athens and Sparta. Athens had a democracy and Sparta had an oligarchy. Greece had an agricultural and maritime economy. Athens exported grapes and olives and they also trade primarily by sea. Athens had something called the Delian League. This Delian League was Athens being paid by Greek city-states for protection against the Persian empire. Athens entered a golden age and their economy prospered greatly. Lastly, there are many similarities and