Greek: Fraternities and Sororities and Greek Life Essay

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Jamie Clifton
May 22, 2013

Topic: Benefits of Greek Life
General Purpose: To
Specific Purpose: To convince my public speaking class that there are many misconceptions about Greek Life, and that it's more beneficial than most people are aware of.
Central Purpose: To persuade the class that many people have misconceptions about Greek Life.


Attention Getter: Nothing is as it seems. Since 1825 this statement has been proven true since all but three United States Presidents were frat boys during their time in college. Ronald Regan was a TKE which is one of the fraternities on our own campus. Erin Andrews was a ZTA and a finalist on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" Season 10 in 2010. The first female astronaunt and the first female senator were also both Greek. Everywhere you look you see people who are Greek. More than 9 million college students are members of a Greek organization nationwide. So why does Greek attract some many people you may ask?
Credibility Material: Because as unpredictable as Greek life is at times its something that in the end is right for most people. Greek Life is one of the rare things in life that can never ve fully understood by someone whose looking from the outside, but nothing you can quite explain from the outside looking in. Greek life can mean diffrent things to diffrent people. personally during my time being an active member in Alpha Omicron Pi, I felt like Greek life to me was about diversity, community, and unity. I feel I can talk about Greek Life even though I was only in it for one year because during my membership I served on Philanthropy Committee, Standards Committee, and Sisterhood Committee, and received a nomination for most outstanding new member of Greek life as a freshmen.
Relevance to Audience: The reason I'd like to talk about the impact that Greek Life has made in my life over the past year is because I'm a firm believer in the fact that getting involved helps enrich your college experience whether its through sports like soccer(Ally), a pageant, volunteering with kids with austocism, or becoming part of Greek Life like being a member of Phi Mu (Anna). You don't have to do everything just find something that you can be passionate and have fun with it. The reason I'd like to talk about Greek Life personally is because it gets a little more involved with student life and the community than the typical organization. Greek Life gives you rare oppurtunity to gain a strong support system through a brotherhood or sisterhood, gain leadership skills, and network with alum members all at the same time. After all its not anymore about just what you know, but also who you know.
Preview of Speech: In my speech today, I'd like to talk about the misconceptions about Greek Life and persuade you to join something on campus even if its not Greek life by telling you about the benefits of it.

(First lets talk about the misconceptions about Greek Life) Body
1. Greek Life has long been associated with the negative sterotype of being made up of students who are pretty, but dumb.
A. According to an article in USA Today though, 71% of Greeks graduate versus the 50% of non-Greeks. Also, the All fraternity and sorority GPA is higher than the overall collegiate GPA. Greeks now how to manage their time and prioritize their activites like people who play sports do which is why they often have high GPAs. Greeks also have to maintain a certain GPA to be able to stay an active member in their chapter, and can gain scholarships through their fraternity or soriority. a. According to an article in USA Today, 85% of student leaders on campuses nationwide are Greek. Did you know that 75% of USCA's own student government is Greek? Even the famous, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was part of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity at Boston University. b. According to Greek Speak, 43 CEOS out of the top 50 companies are Greek, and only 3% of the population nationwide is