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Thucydides’ Reading Assignment

Oration of Pericles was a speech told by Pericles, a leader of the Athenian democracy. He spoke out to thousands of civilians and soldiers deceased and alive to build nationalism and pride for Athens. He wanted them to believe in what they were fighting and highlight all strong characteristics of Athens and its culture. Thucydides, an important Greek writer from 5th century B.C, played a vital role in enabling Pericles’ words to be recorded to this very day. He was the author and transcribed the war between Athens and Sparta also known as Peloponnesian War. This speech was a formal speech by Pericles delivered through public ceremonies the winter after the beginning of the Peloponnesian War to praise Athenian soldiers killed in the first campaign. Pericles obviously held much compassion and nationalism for his country and through his speech word from word tributes were made to the soldiers and Athens. Pericles, taking this speech as an opportunity, he used it to praise the deceased and Athens. Not only that, he spoke of many ideals and values that made Athens unique its own particular way. He believed that “The energy from their previous ancestors” is what helped them won their previous wars. Athens’ form of government doesn’t look for battle for other countries nor does copy other forms of governments. He believed that Athens stood as an example to other nations and acknowledges that Athens as a democracy that takes the rule of many. But through that method, there is an equal justice and a civilian, regardless poverty or high status, was recognized for public service through “reward of merit” and not just through privilege. He says how there is “no exclusiveness” in Athens and how describes how no one is weary of each other. Civilians of Athens, according Pericles, were unconstrained in their private matters and had high respect for authorities. They obeyed the laws and agreed for the protection of the injured as well as those unwritten laws that enemy or one who caused these actions reprobation will be taken upon them.
Athens held games and daily sacrifices throughout the year and civilians keep their homes crisp and nice, Pericles brings these aspects out to demonstrate the easygoing nature of Athens. He goes to on to boast on about military training of Athens and how it is superior to the enemy. Athens exposes itself to the world and supposedly never kicks out foreigners. Athens is an honest land that doesn’t reply on trickery to win its battles, but honest combat. Education at Athens made young civilians brave enough to go through difficult exercises and the lifestyle is easygoing so future generations are ready to fight their foes and relax at the same token. He goes on to talk how…