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Trey Shellenberger
Mrs. Griffin
Comp II
24 March 2015
Benefits of Greek Life

When in college, everybody focuses on getting solid grades to receive their degrees while trying to have fun at the same time. As any college student knows, balancing the two can become quite difficult. Students are eager to meet friends and become part of a group that they can be close to throughout college. A big organization at the majority of colleges is Greek Life. Fraternities and sororities have been around for a very long time and are continued by new and returning members. Fraternities and sororities are groups of students, fraternities being male and sororities being female, that unite together as a family and become very close with one another through activities and social events that they plan. However, like everything else in this world, students that are not a part of Greek Life often put fraternities and sororities in stereotypes, which causes a lot of people in this day in age to not want to be a part of Greek Life. This is a problem. Fraternities and sororities offer much more than what most people think and can actually help you with your college career and can at times make your life easier. A huge benefit of being a part of Greek Life is having the opportunity to be a part of a huge life-long family of students that you would call your brothers or sisters, depending on whether or not you are in a fraternity or sorority. Kids all of the United States split up from their high school friends when they leave for college and for most people this can be a hard thing to adjust to. All of a sudden you are alone in an environment completely new to you. So what is the first thing you do? Easy. You try and find a new group of friends so you have people to talk to and hang out with. For anybody being in a situation like this, you would know that trying to find a new group of friends right off the bat can be very frustrating and challenging. So how exactly does somebody easily make friends in college? Greek Life. When attending rush week, a week dedicated to promoting fraternities and sororities, students can walk around to different fraternity and sorority stands and talk to people from each one too see what kind of students are in each fraternity and sorority because lets be honest, not everybody in a fraternity or sorority will be the kind of friend you are looking for. For the most part, everybody in a certain fraternity or sorority will relatively be the same kind of person. For example, they will have the same common interests and maybe same ideological, religious, or political views as each other. So knowing what kind of people are in each fraternity or sorority really helps. When you find a fraternity or sorority you like, you can rush it and if the brothers or sisters of that chapter like you, you will then have to pledge and then finally become a brother or sister with them. They will then be your brothers or sisters for life. Besides getting the opportunity to have a solid group of friends, another huge reason why being a part of Greek Life is beneficial is the housing opportunities. Living in a fraternity or sorority house gives you the opportunity to share a house with your closest friends (UWIRE Text). How could college get any better? It can’t! Nothing is more fun then living under the same roof as your friends when you’re in college. Greek Life housing also allows that fraternity or sorority to use that house as a facility to hold gathering for social events such as Super Bowl parties, toga parties, etc. And although that specific house is for that fraternity or sorority, it does not define the overall experience of being a part of Greek Life (UWIRE Text). For students that are not a part of Greek Life, it can be a struggle trying to find a nice house and people to share the house with. However when you are a part of a fraternity or sorority, you work as a whole to find a house, which makes things a lot easier for each