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1. Gaea= Uranus ( Sky god first king of universe)
• Emerges out of Chaos mother of all gods & people
• Mother of Earth
• Produces Pontus ( Greek word for Mediterranean sea)
• Produced Titans 6 sons& daughters name are Rhea and last child Cronos.
• Uranus Stuff all his children in Gaea womb, except Cronos given a sickle cuts off gentiles, fallen blood gets Gaea pregnant again.
• Greek believe Sperm & blood has close relations and blood contains vital energy.
• Out of Earth born 3 more kids Gigantes (snakes= power immortality & healing), Meliae (Ash trees & mistress), Erinyes ( Furies).
2. Chaos
• Neither Masculine & Feminine, a goddess of all living things and ancestor
3. Eros
• Means desire of lust
• TATURUS a punishment

4. Erebus=Nyx
• Greek underworld dark hollow space realm below surface of the earth.
• Had kids name Aether (source of light for stars) and Hemera (means Day)
• Things that die goes to Erebus Hades wasn’t born yet
• Greeks believed bodies need to be buried or burned
5. Cronos= Rhea (sister of Cronos)
• Clever out of all Titans and youngest child
• Cuts off father Uranus gentiles mean Medea in Greek.
• Takes over ruler of the universe
• Swallowed all his kids except Zeus b/c of a prophecy.
• Delphi was a swallowed rock of Cronos that became a place
6. Oceanus= Tethys ( a first god made by Gaea)
• Childrens are rivers, streams, creeks
7. Phoebe & Euryphaessa & Hecate ( associated Witchcraft & Olympian God)
• Gods of moon and sun
• Cruis the Titan connection with astronomy.
• Theia means Divine goddess
8. Rhea
• Earth goddess represents soil & agriculture resembles her mother Gaea
• Kids are Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus.
9. Mnemosyne
• A goddess of memory had 9 girls are called Muses.
10. Nymph
• A goddess of young beautiful woman, and a mistress
• They are a class of Ash trees called Meliae children earth & sky
11. Erinyes
• Refers to 3 goddess job to punish anyone whom murders own family form out of blood and soil.
12. Zeus
• Last child of Cronos & Rhea raised in secret in Island of Crete acquire thunder bolts as a weapon
• People would conceal the loud crying of Zeus
• Grew up attacked the titans and his father Siblings help attack titans
• Titans are thrown to exiled or become features of the night and Sky
• Olympian Gods are Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Zeus, Hades, & Poseidon ( 12 throwns)
• Zeus ruler of all gods & man
• Battle of gods vs. Titans called Titanomachy.
• Theogony story of origins of a god.
• Fable short story of tales was form from Aesopus
• Folktales supernatural talking animals
13. Styx
• Child of Oceanus
• Is river goddess that emerges out of the ground in Greece streams splits into flows in the underworld a form of living & death. First children to swear loyalty to Zeus, an area of great oaths of the gods.
• Any god swear on river of Styx must fulfill its promise or be exiled and spend entire life in underworld.
14. Iris
• Messenger of the Gods
15. Prometheus
• Can predict the future
16. Hades
• Never tried to conquer Zeus or the world
17. Atlas
• Punished by Zeus holding the sky on his shoulders stands on earth.
18. Philemon & Baucis
• Married couple lived outside of their village, a stranger went door to door asking for a place to stay and a meal
• Greeks ritual to welcome Strangers into the house & exchange stories with each other.
• Bond of hospitality can be inherited.
• Xenia means guest or host or friendship of hospitality.
• Strangers were 2 Olympian Gods
• The whole town was submerge underwater b/c of not welcoming the strangers
• Baucis asked to be served as priest but didn’t want to separate after death but died and turned into trees
19. Calydonian Boar Hunt
• King Oineus neglects to sacrifice fruits to artimis
• Sends the boar & killed people
• All Greek hero participated but end up killing each other
• One of the hero was a girl that shot the boar w/ an arrow