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Greek mythology has been a big part throughout Greeks time. The gods have been illustrated onto their artifacts. Some would be included in sculptors, pottery. Some of the art work would be offerings or used as funerary representation. Some of the gods have been offered or given a special place to be worship are architectural buildings or temples. Throughout the Greeks are work, they have portrayed their gods with strength and always overcoming any obstacle. Another detail that is added is the physically features of their gods, such as muscular body. Their gods have a perfect body. All of the illustrations have shown them on a stance in which they have reached the important climax of their story. The mythological gods I will be talking about along with a brief summary about their mythological background, or what made them important to Greeks. Some in which I will be talking about would be Zeus, Nike, Athena, Apollo, and Dionysus. One of the important and well known gods today would be Zeus. In overall he is the highest god there is in Greek mythology. In the myth is he was the ruler of Olympus. Zeus us well recognized by holding the thunder bolt on his hand, portraying him as if he is throwing it towards earth. He is known to be the god of the gods and mankind. Not only was he the god of thunder, he was also the god of the sky. His parents were Cronus and Rhea. With Gods being surrounded in his family, he also had siblings that were gods also, some who are Hades, Hestia, Poseidon and Hera. He is known to be the only child of Cronus not to be eaten by his father. Once Zeus grew up and was told was reconsolidated with Rhea, Rhea then told him what happened to his siblings which was that his father, Cronus have swallowed them, he went in search for his father that is when he forced his father to spit out his siblings. The way this occurred has many different outcomes. Greeks worship Zeus and valued him tremendously that Zeus would become a major part in their art. One major architectural piece would be “The Temple of Olympian”. The location of the temple is in Acropolis. The Temples was build on where was another temple was build, which that previous temple was demolished. That previous temple was constructed by Tyrant Pisistratus. The creation of the temple dedicated to Zeus was built by Pisistratus’s sons Hippias and Hipparchos. The construction began around 520BC. The contributors of the temple who help design it were Designed Antistates, Callaeschrus, Antimachides and Porinus. The style in which the temple was design was the Doric style. The type of material used for this architecture was limestone. The cella within the temple would be surrounded by columns. There would be a double colonnade, making it eight in the front and eight in the back of it. The flacks would have twenty one. The production of the ‘Temple of Olympian Zeus” would come to a hold because the lack of capital to help continue the construction, it is also believed to be stop due to the Hippias being overthrown. Time passed and the ‘Temple of Olympian Zeus” still remained unfinished until the Emperor Hadrian took over and proceeded with the construction which was in 131AD. The temple once had 104 Corinthian columns and a large statue of Zeus made out of gold and ivory within the temple. The next dedication to Zeus would be the Zeus sculpture which controversy has been brought a pond this sculpture. Some people believe this art piece happens to be an illustration of Poseidon but due to the lack of evidence there is, it is still believe to be Zeus. The sculpture was found on a ship wreck undersea off the shore off the Cape of Artemision in the 1920’s. The sculpture is capture in a sense of motion. The statue is also fully nude. Nudity was a style in which Greeks like to do and various art pieces. The tension of the sculpture is reflected through the whole body. His left arm and foot are position forward from the sculpture, as for his right arm