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Achilles wanted, himself, who would lead to troops to defeat the Trojans and win the glory. He lent the armor to Patroclus because thinking first, Patroclus was his friend, when the Trojans see his armor they would be scared and afraid to fight forward and this would decrease the death probability of Patroclus. Second, Achilles had his little own selfishness that when Patroclus wear his armor, it will protect him from getting hurt, but at the same time, people on the battle would bear in mind of Achilles’ glory as a hero when seeing the armor. The armor here represented as glory since it is Achilles’ armor, who was the greatest fighter of the Greeks. Whoever wears it will be granted with the power of heroes and will have the strength in battle to defeat the opponents.
The story of the Trojan War was presented in the epic poem of Iliad by Homer. The Iliad doesn't start until after nine years into the Trojan War during the Bronze Age (around the twelfth century B.C.). The entire poem was weaved around the anger of Achilles and the plan of God Zeus. It all started with the with Achilles’ anger on Agamemnon’s demand for his war prize, the maiden Briseis. Agamemnon was of higher rank than Achilles in the military thinking that Achilles should and have to obey to his commands. Achilles felt insulted by Agamemnon’s actions of taking away and wounding his woman prize, Briseis, who he considered as the evidence of his “kleos.” Kleos means glory and honor in Greek. Achilles felt his