Greek Mythology and Love Atalanta Essay

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There are many times in life when we have goals we want to achieve and things that we are extremely committed to do. We set these goals and make plans so nothing else can interfere and we can do the best we can and achieve what we want. Many times, in life, things can come in the way of these goals or things we have our minds set for and we have to decide if we want to let the thing interfere or if we are going to push it away. There are many things that can get in the way of achieving the things people want to do but, I think one of the biggest things is the male species. From the ancient Greek history there was a goddess named Atalanta. Atalanta was left by her dad in the wild because he did not want to care for her. It is known that she was raised by a pack of bears. She was a fighter, a very quick girl that could hunt and kill anything she wanted. Atalanta was out in the wild with a purpose, she wasn’t looking for anything but for things to hunt. She didn’t care of others thoughts about her she was set out every day to hunt. Atalanta was almost raped by some men, because of this, she made a promise with Artemis that she would always keep her virginity to herself and never give it away. Atlanta thought this was a great promise. All she cared for was hunting and it was a huge goal of hers so she knew she could never let a boy interfere with this so it would be extremely easy for her to keep her virginity. Atalanta met up with Meleager when he was out was set out to go on a wild boar chase. Atalanta helped him with this hunt. She didn’t look at it as a guy she could fall in love with; she was out to hunt and do what she was best, hunting was her passion. She was the 1st to draw blood and Meleager finished it off by killing it. He had thought Atalanta was a beautiful women and he fell in love with her. It was the 1st guy Atalanta even considered for his hunting skills. In return, Meleager gave the wild boar skin to Atalanta as a given. When Meleager got home his uncles were furious that he had giving the skin way and started fighting with Meleager. Meleager got mad and killed his uncles. When Meleager mother found out she was so upset she took his stick out of the safe and burned it. This stick was given to Meleager when he was young and he had curse on him that when the stick was burned to ashes he would die with it. His mother never wanted to lose him, so she had kept the stick in a safe so no one could ever harm it. That was the end of Meleager and Atalanta had no care for boys again. She almost let a guy use his hunting skills to win her heart, but when he was gone so realized she needed to stay on task and never let anyone take over or interfere with her goals. One day, Atalanta’s dad came out into the wild, where he had dropped her off, and wanted her to return with them and be part of the family. Atalanta’s dad decided he wanted to take her back in and have her married. Atalanta told her dad the only why she would marry is if the man could beat her in a race. Melanion was in love with Atlanta and he wanted to find a ways to trick her so he could have her heart. Atalanta made this deal with her father because she knew for a face she could out run any guy or hunt better than all the men out there. She knew she wouldn’t have to worry about any guy interfering with her dreams and her promise with Artemis. Melanion was in love Atalanta and he knew what it would take to get her to marry him. He asked Aphrodity for help so that he could get his “love of his life”. Aphrodity gave Melanion 3 golden apples and told him to throw them at Atlanta’s feet while she was running. Atalanta ended up losing the race because of these golden apples and had to marry Melanion. She had to commit to a guy. She was no longer free with