Greek Mythology and Modern Culture Essay

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Greek Mythology Final Essay
We have spent the last few weeks exploring the Greek myths through reading, presentations, and discussion. A focus of these activities was to identify and articulate various myth’s subjects, themes, and wisdom. While these myths, at first, may seem foreign or unrelated to our life and culture, their influence continues to be present today. Select a Greek myth or myths and in a clear and well-supported essay identify and explain the theme/s of the myth and manifestations of it/them in real life today.

Rough Draft due in hardcopy on May 8th (20 pts.)
Final Draft due on Edmodo on May 13th (65 pts.)

Requirements: typed in 12 point font, Times New Roman or similar, 2-3 pages in length (double spaced)

| Excellent (9 pts.) | Good (7-8) | Arriving (6) | Thesis | Presents a clear,well‐developed,complex thesis | Presents a clear,developed thesis | Presents a simplethesis with limiteddevelopment | Evidence | Supports thesis withsubstantial, relevant,and accurateevidence | Supports thesis withrelevant and helpfulevidence | Supports thesis withlimited, butappropriate evidence | Knowledge | Demonstratessuperior knowledgeof myth and themes | Demonstrates goodknowledge of myth and themes | Demonstrates arrivingknowledge of themyth and themes | Application | Successfully and thoroughly applies theme(s) of myth(s) to multiple, varied aspects modern culture | Applies theme(s) of myth(s) to several aspects of modern culture | Somewhat applies