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Alexus Catalfamo 5-5-15 Mrs. Sommo
Mythology Paper Period 6

Once upon a time, Odysseus and Penelope had decided to go on a honeymoon after he got back to Ithaca. His son had stayed to watch over the town while he and Penelope had gone to be alone in peace for once. While Telemachus was watching over Ithaca, Odysseus got into an argument with Zeus. Odysseus was devastated when he found out that Zeus had tried to eat all of his children. Odysseus had the upper hand in the argument for quite the while until within one split second; Zeus had struck Odysseus with his lightening. When Odysseus was struck he didn’t notice anything happen except for the factor of pain. Then one day Penelope got pregnant and five days later a half man half hobbit popped out. Odysseus came to the conclusion that when he was struck, Zeus’ power made him partially hobbit. They decided to name the baby hobbit Duvall. Duvall grew to the age fourteen within two days of the travel time back to Ithaca. Penelope and Odysseus both tried to get some rest on the ship on their way back home from the honeymoon. But when they awoke, Duvall was gone. By the time they got back to Ithaca, it had been destroyed and Telemachus was left there to die. No one knew who did such a thing, and finally after a few days Telemachus was able to move around on his feet again. Two days later a Hobbit showed up standing at the tip of Odysseus’ feet. He asked if they had anything to drink and the second he spoke it caught Penelope’s attention and Telemachus noticed, but did not want to interrupt,. A few days later after the hobbit was staying with them he started to feel as if he was at home and he became more and more comfortable around the family. (Not knowing he was actually a part of it). Seeing how Telemachus was able to be on his feet again him and Duvall started to hunt together, build together, laugh together and become almost like brothers until one day when Duvall got very mad he yelled and noticed everything stopped. Not just the noises but everything. The water, the wind, the noise, the movements, the breaths of Telemachus, it all had just come to a stop like a movie had been paused. He yelled again to see what would happen. When he did, everything went back to the way it was. The water had its flow, Telemachus was breathing, and the birds were still all chirping. He asked Telemachus, “did you see that?”, and he replied, “No”. Once Duvall noticed that it didn’t take any effect on Telemachus at all he kept it a secret for a good two years. Then one day, Ithaca was being attacked again by others who had once come to take the queen as their own lady. Duvall screamed louder than he ever had before in his life time and it brought him back to the day he first found out he had powers. He could see himself as if he was standing in a mirror. He saw Telemachus hunting with him. So he walked over to Telemachus, but Telemachus couldn’t see him. He could only see the Duvall that was there the day he found out he had powers. Duvall finally started to realize that it wasn’t déjà vu, and that he had traveled back into time. He started to practice with his powers and started figuring out how different yells and screams did different things with time. Over time he started to help people, fix mistakes, and stop Ithaca’s pain and distress. But one day, Duvall was playing in the thunderstorm and he yelled. When he yelled, lightening bolts shot down everywhere and the storm got bigger and way worse… he was fast forwarding through time, he saw things that made him curious of why he had powers and if he actually came from Odysseus and he asked himself, is there something I was made to do?” After a few days of hard training and working out, this little half hobbit half man creature decided to go on his quest. He told Odysseus that he no longer was a young man, with the powers he had and the things he had done he had over lapped Telemachus in age. He was 3