Greek Myths: Cause Of Global Warming

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Chloe Barbera
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October 3, 2012

Greek Myth – Cause of Global Warming

After Hades kidnapped the goddess of spring and growth, Persephone, her heart slowly turned to ice. Soon she found out that being cold-hearted was genetic, when she gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Glacius, whose heart was literally made of ice. Glacius was gorgeous; some gods even said she was as pretty as Aphrodite. Her golden locks were covered in small ice droplets, which glistened in the light. Even her eyes shown brighter than any other god or goddess. She was the goddess of snow and ice, and without her help the arctic would melt. Glacius was quite vain, and she would always be the one to remind the gods that she was prettier than Aphrodite. Her braided hair danced in the wind, and her crystal blue eyes shimmered. She was also very fond of music. Persephone decided that Apollo would be the perfect husband for Glacius, as he was the god of light and music. Persephone did not want her daughter to marry anybody else. Unfortunately, when Persephone told Apollo the news, he was not happy. Apollo hated Glacius; he thought she was extremely vain and cold-hearted, both literally and in her personality. He knew negotiating with Persephone would be pointless and unsuccessful, so he found another way to get around marrying Glacius. He was going to melt her frozen heart. It wouldn’t kill her, as she was immortal, but it would be enough for her to become weak and helpless. She would lose her beauty, and the gods would stop worshiping her. Even Persephone would probably give up and stop the marriage. It seemed harsh, but Apollo was not a gentle god. That night, Apollo asked Hermes to borrow his wand. Hermes happily said yes to his friend, without even asking what Apollo was going to do with it. Later, Apollo played Glacius a peaceful lullaby on his lyre. She fell asleep to the beautiful music, and Apollo immediately touched her with the wand. A lit candle appeared inside of her, and it slowly melted her heart. Every drip brought the arctic one step closer to a meltdown. Each day, Glacius’ heart would continue to melt. Her beauty began to disappear, for the ice droplets in her hair had also melted, turning her beautiful locks to a wet and