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Julian’s Articles
Trojan War Finally Over
We have just received multiple accounts from returning soldiers that the long lasting Trojan War has ended. After ten grueling years, our brave soldiers have at long last returned to their families. We asked the returning soldiers how they finally did it, how they finally defeated the Trojans. According to the soldiers, this was not a regular victory. This great triumph was a result of the incredible cleverness and bravery of our men. One morning, they left their camp and set sail for home. Before that, they left a large wooden horse as a “gift” for the Trojans, congratulating them on their victory. Not knowing that they were being deceived, the Trojans led the horse into their walls. That night, the Trojans celebrated the victory with a party. With the thought that they had finally won the war and with the festivities distracting them, they let their guard down and they passed out, drunk. Then, during the middle of the night, a number of soldiers led by Odysseus sacked Troy from the inside. They killed their soldiers, took their supplies, and caused chaos throughout the land. After this quick attack, Odysseus and his men set sail for home, following the rest of our army.

Now that the soldiers have returned, all worries and doubts are no more. Life is finally back to the way it was before the madness of warfare took over. Fathers can see their children again, husbands can hold their wives again, and the women can tend to their children more since the main workforce has returned. Life will be perfect again. The gods have finally granted the wishes of the hopeful Greek citizens. Although this news is the best news that has come in years, there is still one more pressing matter: Where is Odysseus? The King of Ithaka and his men are the only soldiers that survived the war and have not returned yet. They have not been reported dead but there has been no sign of them being alive. His wife, Penelope, and his son, Telemakhos, strongly believe that he is alive and he will return soon. Others, including Antinoos and Eurymachus, believe he is long dead at sea. The loyal citizens of Ithaka are very concerned and they are starting to question whether or not he will ever come back to them. We have heard that men are starting to gather in the hall of Odysseus, presenting gifts to Penelope and demanding her to choose one of them to marry. Prince Telemakhos is extremely angered at their behavior, but Penelope continues to persuade him to wait for the return of his father. We have not heard any news about his return, but we will be the first to report any information about it.
Sports: Apollo Kills Hyacinthus With Discus We have received some terrible news about a recent discus accident involving the Archer God, Apollo. The God and Hyacinthus went to practice throwing the discus together. Apollo was up first to throw the discus, and he sent the discus flying up to the clouds. According to a witness, Hyacinthus was very eager to have his turn to throw the discus. Sadly, his eagerness would prove to be the end of him. He ran to catch the discus that Apollo threw, but it unfortunately struck him in the head. Now, we have confirmed that it was an accident and Apollo is not a fault in any way. After Apollo saw what had happened to his friend, he immediately went to him to try to save him. Even though he is known as the God of Healing, Apollo could not save him from death. We will have more details about this tragedy soon.

How We Came to Be

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