Skittles Project

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Skittles Project
On the Wednesday class, we were doing a project which was counting the numbers of each color in the single bag of Skittle. As we know there are many colors in the Skittle’s bag but we can’t know how many of each color and it’s not expected. For the research question that how many does the each color have in one bag of the Skittle. Mr. Bailey gave the one bag of Skittle to everyone in the class. The only thing that we need to do is counting the numbers of each color. At first, we put all the candy on a sheet of paper. And then we arranged them into the different groups by their colors. After this step, Mr. Bailey asked everyone for the data. The data were listed on the board and it showed the results out.
Looking at the figure 1(see back), we can see the bar of the green and red have the larger number. It means the average numbers of the color green and red are more than the other colors have. The orange color has the lowest average number and it might have the less number in one bag of the Skittle. In the graph of the dotplots, we can reconstruct the all original numbers. The mode can be found on it, so we can know that which number of the each color appears more frequently. For instance, we find out the mode of the color red is 16 because this number showed by two times. It tells us the number of the red might be 16 in the next bag of the Skittle, although this is not an average number. Therefore, the predictions made by me. I