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Havisham- Fill in the blanks with the words below.

beginning, speaking, hates, angry, stand out, old and frail, oxymoron, herself, the past, strangle, metaphor, obsessed, evil, stammering, kill, hatred, threatening, onomatopoeia, eyes, loves, ropes, hard-hearted, human, old, animal, mirror, anger.

1. The first three words of the poem show the reader that Miss Havisham _____________ the man who deserted her, but also __________him.

2. This sentence shows us that she has been completely ___________ with him for years, and that she has often thought about wanting to __________ him.

3. The poet uses a __________ when she compares Miss Havisham’s ________ to “dark green pebbles”. The colour green makes us think of _________ or jealousy. The fact that her eyes are described as hard suggests that she became ____________ because of what happened to her.

4. The poet uses a metaphor when she compares the veins on the back of the old lady’s hands to _________. Miss Havisham would like to use them to ____________ the man who deserted her, because she blames him for the fact that her life has been wasted. The veins on her hands remind her how old she has become and make her furiously ________.

5. The poet puts this word right at the ___________ of the stanza and puts a full stop after it, to make it ____________ This helps us to imagine Miss Havisham almost spitting the word out in her anger.

6. The fact that Miss Havisham “caws” instead of shouting shows us that she has become less ______________ and is no longer able to express herself properly. She’s not used to _____________ because she has nobody to talk to in her dark, lonely mansion.

7. Miss Havisham’s wedding dress is “yellowing” because it is so ___________. The poet uses a metaphor by comparing the “trembling” dress to Miss Havisham, who is getting more and more ______________.

8. Miss Havisham can hardly recognise herself when she looks into