Green Energy Research Paper

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When I think of forcing the use of green energy I think of reducing greenhouse gasses, lowering pollutions, cheaper renewable energy, and unrealistic expectations. These are many ideas that popped in my head while I was brainstorming my topic at night in a quiet location; it really helps you connect directly to your thoughts and help me realize that most of the damage done to our country is caused by the extraction and transport of oil. Another way I used to come up with ideas of my topic is free writing. It gave multiple ideas that I can work with; forcing green energy is the most effete way to live. Now think about it if we limit or found another way to transport the oil without the breaks of oil lines, or flipped over oil tankers that pollute the ocean and kills the wildlife we would save much more than just wildlife we would save a lot of money as well. It helps me think of cheaper renewable energy such as solar panels the most effete source of saving energy followed by Hydroelectric Electricity generated by running water through a dam's turbines. I have studied a lot about green energy the topic I have chosen; in an article that really caught my eye is the Dynalifter, it can transport 160 tons of freight using less fuel and money than a jet. Timon Singh explains of a hybrid aircraft that will be the next revolution of shipping. It’s called the Dynalifter it is held by balloon like cells filled with helium, it can transport up to 160 pounds by using cable-stayed