Green Lake: A Short Story

Words: 665
Pages: 3

It was nearly ten o’clock and everyone was still sound asleep. After a restless night, nobody felt motivated to start the adventures on Green Lake.
“Wake up! Wake up! Breakfast is ready!” My mom yelled downstairs.
“Ugghhh” Will and I groaned.
Nick and Jarret seemed lifeless, but I rattled their heads to wake them up. Their bodies lethargically rolled out of their beds. We all became wide awake once we smelled the fresh pancakes, eggs, and bacon. The food rejuvenated everyone, and we were all motivated to start the lake activities. It was my friends first time visiting my family’s lake house, so there was so much to do. Calming, the lake was at rest as we walked outside. As we got closer to the bank a grotesque odor burnt our nostrils, smelling like rotten eggs.
“What the heck is that smell!” Jarret exclaimed.
“It’s probably a dead fish washed up on the bank.” I replied
Sure enough, a dismembered carcase, of what seemed to be a carp, was plopped on the rocky shore. It must have been laying there for days. Out of curiosity, I poked it with a stick. A red puss oozed out in between the scales. Almost gagging, I called for my dad to take care of it. Brap! Brap! Brap! Nick and Will started up the jet skis. Their eyes were wide open and they had the biggest grins on their faces. I immediately ran
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Will, Nick, nor Jarret had ever gone wakeboarding, so we decided they decided to give it a try. Nick felt very confident in himself, so he wanted to try first. At the end of the long rope he floated in the water, like a bobber. I looked back at yelled, “Are you ready?!” He gave me the thumbs up and I floored it. Within seconds, the ride was over as Nick went head over heels stuffing his face in the water. He came up with the most agonizing grin on his face. “I’m never doing that crap ever again!” Nick exclaimed, coughing up water in the process. We decided to call it quits and just relax on the boat while listening to country