Green Mountain Resort Case Study Essay

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Green Mountain Resort Case Study

Benjamin L. Martinez

Davenport University


Green Mountain Resort was initially constructed as an attractive amenity for home ownership in the Appalachians. Property owners received a membership to the resort and were offered a not only a home, but a lifestyle. The problem with this strategy was that Green Mountain was made for buyers and not vacationers. As it had happened with other developments in the past similar to Green Mountain, the fear that once there were no homes there would be no more buyers and the resort would eventually lose its appeal and go out of business. After the investors decided to
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Gunter began as a nurturer before he was influenced by the HR literature and the consultant. “Nurturers may organize, and facilitate organization qualities that enable positive self-organizing to occur” (Palmer, Dunford, Akin, pg. 32). The literature would have pushed Gunter to take a role as a navigator however, after reassessing the problem and viewing it differently he was able to view it positively and take the role of coach.

Choose another change image and apply it to the “turnover problem.” To what new insights does it lead?

The caretaker image, the (ideal) image of management is still one of control, although the ability to exercise control is severely constrained by a variety of forces, both internally and externally driven, that propel change relatively independent of a manager’s intentions” (Palmer, Dunford, Akin, pg. 28). Gunter could have taken this approach as caretaker and lowered turnover rate successfully. He could have structured arrangements in contracts, benefits, and coerced people to stay, but this was not what he wished to do. If Gunter went this way he could have implemented these arrangements and let the company grow while letting the organization grow and run itself while he took the role of “shepherd”. This role may have helped make Green Mountain a great organization to work for with low turnover. It would have been important for Gunter to generate a commitment to vision among employees, ensure that