Green Ox Essay

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Green Ox
Group 2
Gaamil, Ria Girl
Oliguer, Katherin
Yosores, Czarissa Gayle
Ampong, Febe Gift


Table of Contents

Problem Statement
Alternative evaluation

Situation audit / Background

The new products division of Palmer Jackson, Inc., a Cincinnati-based food and beverages manufacturer, successfully perfect a technique for dissolving common antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Selenium into high-glucose beverages. As a result a new line of sports beverages with added benefit of antioxidants occur. Palmer Jackson hired AccuityBrand, a brand consultancy specializing in developing product names and logos, to name and develop creative
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Some problems that the company encountered are to decide quickly the segment(s) to target, and how the product would be positioned in the minds of its potential consumers. It also needed to decide how the product would be priced to the retailer as well as how many flavors should be introduced. Complicating matters was management’s keen understanding that all of these decisions depended on each other.
Alternative identification and evaluation
The company can solve the problem by managing their time in deciding what seems to be the exact target. The company should also be active and responsible enough to know what price and how it will be presentable to the potential consumers. Even in complicated matters the management should be open-minded and they must agree among themselves every decision that they make. These are the advantages of the product: it has more benefits added to their product than the V7 products; it produces new flavor; even though it’s expensive it is worth it; it is also a good alternative for the other sports drinks. We will use advertising for education. A website will be created which will five all the information about the products and their benefits for health and physical conditioning. The whole campaign will emphasize our competitive advantage.

Conclusion: Palmer Jackson Inc has developed a new