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Green Tech for Me and for You Why use resources from the world that aren’t renewable and cause harm to the lives of humans and other living beings when there is an infinite supply of resources that aren’t hazardous. Mankind should surround everything they use around these resources instead using unsafe sources of energy like fossil fuels that cause harmful emissions. The main fossil fuel resources that are used-oil, coal, and gas- are finite natural resources that are running out faster than Usain Bolt out of the blocks! Renewable natural resources should be used to shape the way mankind goes throughout their daily lives. The Earth supplies humans with the unlimited resource of wind, light, heat for a reason. One of the most common resources used around the world is wind power. “The U.S. has installed 9,100 megawatts of wind power capacity.” Florence, Joseph. With the U.S. making changes to better the lives of other, other countries are falling in line. Countries such as Canada, Germany, Spain, Latin America, the Caribbean, and North African countries have at least over 1,000,000 megawatts combined. Making better choices and changes of the world. China alone has over 350,000 megawatts. The big reason why so many other countries have had wind/turbine power installed is that “the cost of wind power has decreased by nearly 90% since the 1980s to 4cents or less per kilowatt-hour…” Kruger, Paul. The cost has decreased due to advances in tech, declines in cost of financing projects with wind turbines, and the progress in the manufacturing and construction of turbines and other components. Wind power also supports local economic development, since the jobs and tax revenues from wind-generated electricity production tend to stay in the community.