Essay on Greenhouse Effect Killing Our Earth

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Greenhouse effect killing our earth!?

Since the industrial revolution, humans produce into the atmosphere , highly endothermic carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases increased year by year, also increases the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere, has caused a series of serious problems such as global warming, caused countries around the world attention. In addition to carbon dioxide, an important role for the greenhouse effect gases as well as methane, ozone, chlorofluorocarbons and water vapor and the like. With the rapid increase of population, the rapid development of industry, into a corresponding increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide; and because forests are cut down, the atmosphere of carbon dioxide absorbed by forests does not get absorbed, combustion of fossil fuel, coal increase the carbon dioxide in the air, increase of livestock population and human population the respiration and the release of methane in the fart, chemical use in electronic have speed the carbon cycle, due to the gradual increase in carbon dioxide (greenhouse gases), the greenhouse effect is also growing, and it also could lead to It will bring
The planet that we live in is surround by the serious consequences to the following types: atmospheric it is make from a mixture of gases that we need it for animal and plant to survive, if 1) An increase in pests and diseases on the planet; the atmospheric does no exist than there will be no gases on earth is more like a protection of 2) Sea level rise; our earth for losing gases, but just like it say no thing is prefect, the atmospheric trap all type of 3) Erratic weather, increased ocean storms; gases and some of the gases act as a blanket that trapping heat from losing but as those gases 4) Land of drought, desertification area increases. increase this wound be lead to a other problem, the “Greenhouse effect”!
5. Carbon dioxide (CO2): Due to the extensive use of coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels, global carbon
Technically the “Greenhouse effect” means that the dioxide being present in an amount of about six billion tons per year increase in the greenhouse effect is caused by transmission of sunlight through the atmospheric cause by a primary gas. lack of heat exchange creates insulation effect, due to the
6. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs): currently CFC-11, CFC-12, CFC-113-based. Used in air conditioners, refrigerators greenhouse gases. So what are greenhouse gases? Well refrigerant, electronic parts cleaner, foaming agent, it is caused by greenhouse gases. greenhouses are the type of gases that absorbs the heat
7. Methane (CH4): fermentation organisms and substances and of incomplete combustion process produces radiation selectively such as water vapor, 36–70%, Carbon methane, mainly from livestock, paddy fields, landfills and motor vehicles emissions dioxide, 9–26%, Methane, 4–9%, Ozone, 3–7%. By the mean
The nitrous oxide (N2O): Department from burning fossil fuels, chemical fertilizers and microbial decomposition of this that those gases can absorb long wave such as emissions. infrared radiation, but no absorption to the shortwave radiation
8. Ozone (O3): nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons from motor vehicles and other emissions, produced by such as visible light. photochemical gas.

What is Greenhouse effect?

In a further studying we know that sun light is mainly emitting radiation in a shore wave form, which can pass through our atmospheric without absorbing by the greenhouses gases, but as the radiation hit the earth and reflect back to space to form of radiation were change from short to long this is because the radiation get weaken by the earth (the earth's surface absorb some of it and reflect it back) ,as those long wave reflect back to the space midway is absorbed by the greenhouse gases and because the atmosphere is holding all the gases it cant distributed to the space , which seems like an invisible heat cover, endothermic greater than exothermal, just like the greenhouse that