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Major Project – ‘You got to choose an interesting name for your project’

Due: 5pm Friday 14 (However the demo will be on Monday, week 14)

Word Count: Not applicable

Weighting: 50% - 5% Mid-semester presentation - 10% Supporting documents (Business Case and Status Reports) - 10% Software - 25% Documentation

Group work

Construct an online banking application, for which you need to decide the name.
This Online Banking System should capture activities performed by different roles in real life banking which provides enhanced techniques for maintaining the required information upto-date, which results in efficiency. ✓ Administrator registers the details of an account and start services. He provide a valid User Id and password to customers. The user id & password are included in the welcome kit given at the time of opening bank account. ✓ A customer can have more than 1 account in the bank – Can be a single account / joint account. ✓ Customer must have a valid User Id and password to login to the system ✓ After the valid user logs in, he is shown the list of accounts he has with the bank - ▪ Access or Current Account ▪ Saver Account. (We will be ignoring the credit card account, to make the project relatively simpler) ✓ On selection, each account should show the present balance in that particular account. ✓ User should be able to view details of the last ‘n’ number of transactions that he has performed. ✓ User can make a funds transfer between his Access account and Saver account. ✓ User can transfer funds from his account to any other account with this bank. If the transaction is successful a notification should appear to the customer, in case it is unsuccessful, a proper message should be given to the customer as to why it failed. ✓ The customer should be able to modify all personal details (except the phone number), if necessary. He should not be able to change his contact number (Phone number) online, for obvious security reasons. He will have to go to the bank / call up Customer care, to update his number. ✓ The system should have an admin block. The admin (on logging into the system) will have access to all the accounts of all the customers, existing in the bank. He should be able to block a particular account when required. Hence search options should be made available to him to search a particular customer.

Further details and functionality of the website should be determined by each team through some research and should be negotiated with the client and sponsor. Any clarifications can be obtained in consultation with the client and sponsor (The lecturer /tutor will play both roles). There are some aspects of the system which has been left ambiguous, intentionally. It is a part of the learning process for you, to understand the requirements correctly through research and with discussion with the client when required. This is where you can make use of the Team meeting time in the tuts.

Technical requirements - All frontend systems must be responsive (responsive web design).

HD requirements – the system must use a .Net front and backend. The overall assignment cannot be awarded HD, if you fail to satisfy this requirement.
.Net for the terms of this assignment is any technology that uses .Net.

Submission requirements:
- Reports are due in weeks