Essay on Grendel and Beowulf

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By some means the past always repeats itself and the stories give us illustrations of obstacles in the future. Beowulf gives us a perfect illustration of this. The story relates to times then and times now in our society. When Beowulf was written is unknown to the date but it’s believed to written before AD 521. But it’s said that it’s used as an Anglo Saxon poem. Beowulf tells the story of the jealous monster Grendel. He (Grendel) lives near the area of the Great Hall of Heorot. Grendel was against any type of happiness or celebration that went on at the hall so he terrorized the people and killed many. This compares to society now because many people do some of the similar things that Grendel did. These are called hate crimes. Because I feel like Grendel did all of this because he was just a jealous and hateful creature. And every day in society we see this happening all the time. It’s as if times have not changed. You may have someone that goes around harassing people just because he/she is hateful. Also like in Beowulf King Hrothgar is too afraid to do something about it, so his father sends for Beowulf to come handle the Grendel situation. But before Beowulf come he picks ten of his good men to come fight with him. This also relates to today society because Beowulf was used as this type of hero that comes and saves the day. And in our society we have many people that are like Beowulf, who help people like our law enforcement and everyday people who are just