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Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama that premiered in 2005 and is currently on its tenth successful season. Meredith Grey is the narrator of the show and also serves as the main character and focus of most episodes.
She begins playing the role of an insecure, falling apart at the seems, surgical intern trying to following in her mothers footsteps. Her famous mother was a talented surgeon, who didn’t want children and never gave the time to show Meredith any love or attention. Before her unexpected death, her mother made it clear to Meredith that she was a disappointment to her and thought of her as ‘nothing but ordinary’. This, along with her father abandoning her as a child and Meredith having no other family creates an emotionally damaged and broken person.
Meredith continually resisted any form of happiness, building walls around herself. She refrained from having a real relationship, with genuine commitment and love, from her on-again, off-again boyfriend and also her always present friends she referred to as roommates.
After several near-death experiences, and the risk of possibility losing the love of her life forever, she struggles to begin to want more. Meredith starts to work with a therapist to dig deep and deal with the damages from her past.
Her character evolves from being a lost, lonely, insecure mess-up to a brilliant talented surgeon and entirely whole person. She accepts her true love and marries Derek Sheppard. They, together, adopt a child and then